Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Playin' Catch Up!

Long time no see, imagine that!;) Today is Wednesday, March 13, 2013. 10 months have passed. Time is a literally a flash. I turned 30 the day after my last post and was welcomed in to the 30 club with a surprise birthday dinner, a very Happy Mother's Day, sweet time with family and friends, and C had his first birdie...all in the month of May!! June sailed in as the celebration of life continued for the big 3-2 for 1 of my favorites, Stephanie Dianne Harper, then, we soared over to the lake for a weekend with the fam then a little further over to San Fran for our 10 plus 1 year to grow on wedding anniversary...truly one of my favorite places on earth with my favorite person on earth...then made our way back, almost home, to PCB for a week of youth camp with more favorite faces and, of course, made time to play a little more golf! Blazing July tore through our calendars and days like the happy hot streak that it is with 4th of July togetherness, Braves fandom, COKE factory visitin', 4 teeth in 48 hours pullin', Ava lovin', soul sister summer travelin', time with the trampoline and the tall creepy mouse, back to school dinners and all that golf leading to Christian's first tournament!! As the kiddos rolled out to school, August rolled in and life continued with work, ballgames, more golf, birthdays and precious moments with Jesus to thank Him for this ocean of grace we are swimming in. September and October kicked off soccer, cheerleading, football games and some cherished down time with cousins and a cruise to the Bahamas and car ride to Elijay and Dothan for 2 of my favorite family outings, the Peanut Festival and picking those apples:) Chilly November and December warmed us up with the arrival of beautiful Bella and sweet Sarah Claire, a weekend trip to the mountains, and Uncle Mick getting over the hill, Thanksgiving with our loves and too many Christmas parties to count to thankfully celebrate the birth of Christ! And now here we are, with the year 2-0-1-3...a little hard to believe. A visit with Mickey, the sis movin' to town and a purple baby shower fit for our mini little princess, SelahBelle, still bakin' in Aunt Steph's oven:) I think birth of new baby pics trump everything so we'll just stick with those for this portion of the post:) That gets us up to the present! Today is notable because it's 2 of my dear friends birthdays, Erin and Janel. Erin is a one of the most down to earth, grounded, strong, Christian women I know. She inspires me with how she does everything with her heart, from raising her kids, to coaching cheerleading to loving Jesus. Thankful for her friendship. The other special woman in my life celebrating her big day is Nella. Janel and I met on the set of an O'Charley's commercial in '04 and our sense's of humor fell in love at first laugh. We both seem to be goin 90 to nothin' in opposite places at this point in life so we rarely get the opportunity to spend time together but whether it's a text, phone call or one of our cherished sushi dates, I soak up every second. With Janel we can talk about everything from love to loss and theres always laughter...laughter is the best medicine, it's so good for the soul and that's exactly how I would describe my friend Janel, she is good for my soul and definitely a blessing. Well, like always, I promise to make it less than a year between now and my next post:) So much to say right now about what God's doing in this life...hopefully I can fill you in ASAP! Right now it's time to put on the leggings and get my meditation in half an hour! talk soon... april <><

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