Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, Spring Break has come and gone but hopefully Spring itself is here to settle in and stay for a while! This is my absolute favorite time of year:) I love the sunny warm and windy weather that brings the promise of summer just around the corner, the newness of blooming buds and baby birds chirping in their nests hidden under the roof of our porch and, most of all, celebrating our sweet Sunny's!! My sequence of events will be a little backwards but I obviously have to talk about my birthday girl first:)

This weekend we had a little luau at the Rich tiki hut with some friends and family. I was first of all praying the tornados from Friday night wouldn't blow us away. Then, if we were all still here in the morning, I prayed the sun wouldn't mind showing up for the party too:) Boy, did it ever! It was a perfect celebration of another year of life for the little girl that makes me want to celebrate her life everyday because of how she completes mine. Happy Birthday Sunny Bunny..we all love you soooo much!!

Other goings on have included the start of beloved baseball season!! This is Christian's first season playing rec baseball and he is LOVING it!! The Storm had their first 2 games this week and it was so fun being out at the ballpark with Justin and Sunny and Granddaddy, watching Christian up to bat and out in the field. Surreal because it seems not that long ago that birthday girl Sunny or Mr. Baseball himself had not graced our lives yet:) Granddaddy was still only known as Daddy and Justin was my "crush" instead of my hubby. Daddy, Mom, me, Angel and Memaw would look forward to the spring season and everything that came along with it, uncomfortable bleachers and all, to see Adam play baseball! I even enjoyed the ballpark food, or maybe it was the ballpark employees..that's where Justin worked..hmm, I can't remember which right now but, either way, any day of the week, I'm always ready to be taken out to the ballgame!

And, speaking of being ready for something any day of the week, the beach would definitely fall into that category! We got to go to Port St. Joe during Spring Break and spend a few days visiting Nanny and Granddaddy and Nanny Bart and even got in a little visit with Buddy and Mimi on the way there and back. Christian and Justin finally got to go fishing with Granddaddy for a whole day..something Christian has been asking to do since the last time they went a couple summers ago. Christian showed 'em all how it was done by catching the first fish and was so proud to show me his full cooler of fish and tell me all their fish stories that night over dinner:) Sunny and I got to spend the day with Nanny and then went shopping for a couple hours just the 2 of us:) The next day we went to the beach and then over to Nanny Bart's for a movie and some dessert. One of the most relaxing and sweetest Spring Breaks ever:)

Last but not least was one of my favorite parts to this post! Keshia brought our so sweet and sassy niece Ava for a visit the first weekend of Spring Break. Christian and Sunny just adore their cousin and we love when we get to all spend time together. This was even more notable because the visit also included a trip to 6 Flags!! So much fun seeing this kind of stuff through their eyes and letting them lead the day in their carefree way:)

So for us, a day of Six Flags, a weekend at Port St. Joe, several innings of our favorite sport, and the celebration of our favorite ray of Sunshine definitely equals a wonderful way to welcome in Spring!

Talk soon. <>< april

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  1. So fun that you have a blog!!! Sorry I'm just now catching on!!! Looks like a really fun spring break!!! Creative title!!!