Friday, September 9, 2011

Sheddin' some Light on our Summer!

Hello there:) Remember me?? Embarrassingly it's been just over 4 months so I had to reacquaint myself with my blog:) Let's just say I took the summer off, a little summer sabbatical as I like to call it. Well, spring and school and ended too quickly as usual and summer came blazing in!

Just before the last day of school, Justin and I had the pleasure of taking a few days to Daytona Beach to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary:) Memaw was kind of enough to let us stay at one of her Wyndham locations, so we celebrated in style right on the beach! My birthdate is right around our wedding date so I slipped in some birthday festivities too:) It was so nice to have just a few days to focus on my sweet and supportive hubby and listen to the waves, walk in the sand and eat whatever..and whenever..we wanted! Most of the trip I spent thinking and thanking and praying that God would lead Christian to be a man just like his Daddy one day and that Sunny would find one to marry:)

When we returned to reality Justin took me out for sushi and showered me with diamonds:) A diamond ring that is;) Some of you know that my wedding band and engagement ring were stolen on the set of the Blind Side the summer before last..big bummer:( So he had been savin up to surprise the queen of surprise herself..and boy did he ever!! So here's a few pics of the beautiful beach and BIG birthday surprise in the sand, breakfast on the balcony and our happy smiling decade wed faces:) There's also a few of more May mayhem with Memorial Day with the Mixon's and the Supper Club sweeties:)

Another notable summer time memory was the girls weekend I got to take with some of my faves! So much fun!! Mom let the 5 of us invade her space for a few days and all of us girls sun bathed, scarfed down lots of good food and did some serious bonding:) Love each one of them so much and am so thankful for their friendship in countless ways!!

The next week we were beach bound again and headed to Hilton Head for a few days with Memaw. It was a nice change of scenery and the kids loved spending time with Memaw, the cool pool at the condo and our trek to the top of the Lighthouse:) In July we got to do Rich Family Beach Week! The kids had a blast with their cousins everyday crabbin' and swimmin' and just hangin' out..such great memories for them and it makes my heart so happy to see them smile:)

Well we had to bundle up that beach filled summer at some point and go back to school! So the day after Grandaddy's Birthday Christian and Sunny did just that. 4th grade bound for Chich and Sunny started unbelievable to me!! They both picked out every single detail of their first day looks from the gel on Christian's mohawk tips to the lime green and hot pink mismatch socks on Sunny's toes:)

School is in full swing now and we always like to do something special one of the first weekends back to school as a fam. So this past weekend, Labor Day weekend, the 4 of us hiked Kennesaw Mountain!! So awesome! I just adore those days spent doing something inexpensive with the most priceless people on this earth with me:) Does my heart great!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this summarized version of our summer:) Hopefully it will be less than 4 months the next time I check in! The last couple summer time pics I'll leave with were from Father's Day:)

Talk soon. <>< april


  1. look who is back in business! talk soon? i'll believe it when i see it. also, there were only two pics of me. not enough. love you more than you know.

  2. just so you know, i posted this comment before i saw your comment on mine:) or else mine would have been longer like yours:) just teasing! love you!

  3. I'm glad you're back...don't go back...don't leave us again. I'm happy that we got to catch up a few weeks ago. I love that I recognize your house again in pics. Its funny the things that you miss when its been so long between visits. Keep it up, keep it up, keep that Blogging spirit up! Keep. it. up! You like it and now you're singing that little cheer in your head. You're welcome. Love you!

  4. Steph, trying to outtalk/outtype me will get you nowhere;) You know they don't call me Wordy Wanda for nothin..even Competitive Carla knows that;) Love u! Jess, love the cheer..literally had to hold myself back from getting up and doing some matching hand motions;) Love u!