Monday, March 7, 2011

Good times. Good times.

LOVE them!

Hello there! This past weekend was Disciple Now at church and it was AWESOME!! After taking the kiddos to meet my father in law in Columbus -thank you Mr. Billy for spending the wkd with them..they had a great time as always..they love their Beeps:)- I met my SR girls at our host home, Meredith's house. I got to spend some time with her parents and just want to thank them for opening their home to us! You..and your homemade desserts..are fantastic:) We stayed up til a little after 4am talking about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and painting nails and eating girl scout cookies! A pretty perfect night if you ask me:) The next day consisted of me going grocery shopping -since we ran out of food at my house for the 11th and 12th grade guys:)- while the girls were in the morning session and nursing home. Then off to spend some time with Memaw, Mom and Daddy before they left for Viva Las Vegas and then we all met back at the church. After a great Saturday night session we had another in home session with our super fantastic leader Jessica..or Jessi G as I like to call her:) She was great and we all LOVED her! And even though it was raining, a little water wasn't going to keep them away from their last year of DNOW pranks on the boys:)

Me, Traci and Nadilee

Me and Mer with a little background action from Ellie, Kait and Trace

After a little dance party in the car on the way to Wally World, we got there and bought any thing in any shade of PINK in any area of the entire store and proceeded to the boys house to PINK out their cars! Our mission was interrupted unfortunately by the dreaded flour and eggs to our vehicle...ugh. Never fear though, we laid low at a sketchy Waffle House for an hour and carried on with our mission:) Aside from a few thorns to the face for some of us from running through the woods, a 4:30am car wash that we can X off the bucket list now, and the run in with probably the #6 creepiest man of my entire life at Waffle House, I'd say it was pretty successful:)

Taking a few kodak moments while the man is creepin' on our table

The face says it all

A very scared Ellie and Kait:)

Each one of you are so special to me! Rachel I love when you share your thoughts and insight, you are wise beyond your years and I am so excited to see what God does through you in the next few years. Ashley you are caring and hard working and I love to just watch you and how you put so much thought and effort into whatever you say or do. Ellie W I think you are super smart and talented and I love your integrity. Kaitlyn you have such a sweet spirit and everytime I get to spend time with you I love more and more about your personality and who you are. Ellie T I love how you look for the positive in every situation and truly want good things for those around you. Traci you make me laugh and I just love how genuine you are in all that you do. Nadilee I think you're awesome and love that you march to the beat of your own drum, your security in yourself is inspiring to me and so many others. Meredith you remind me of myself in a lot of ways and encourage me so much, just keep on seeking God in everything, I know He has big things planned:)

Thank y'all for letting me a part of this time of your lives...I hope I'm always a part of it! And, I think it's safe to say I have all new confirmation that you really do like me since you put up with me during that little run in with every single side effect on the label of my anitibiotic Saturday night:) How crazy was that!? So weird and, again, so sorry!

Love you all and thanks again for a great weekend!! Talk soon everybody and have a wonderful week! <>< april

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