Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And the year goes Marching on...

Me and the Birthday girl:)

Hello and Happy March!! I really can't believe it's March, that's just craziness!! Well, as I promised, I will try my best to get better at this. I'm told it's a bit of a blogging blunder to back track and wrap a whole lot of events together and tie 'em with a bow but, oh well, Happy early/late Birthday...whichever fits for you:) By the way, today really is my friend Shayla's birthday..hope it's as awesome as you are friend:) Happy Birthday to you!!

Sunny and Bailee getting ready to scale the waterfall at Buddy's house!

So proud of my sweet girl:)

February was a good month. Sunny and I got to spend a weekend at Buddy's house, Justin's mom, and brought Sunny's cousin Bailee with us..so much fun just riding bikes, going for ice cream and having an adventure at the waterfall! There was also a good bit of sewing going on behind the scenes..or seams, sorry I couldn't resist:)..and I can't thank you enough Mrs. Carol for helping me with my new drapes...I LOVE them!! Sunny was also the Student of the Month at school and we are so so proud of her:) They had a special breakfast for the students and Justin, Christian and I were able to come for it. When they called Sunny's name out to receive her certificate Christian clapped and hollered, "Whoo yeah, alright Sunny!" She said she hated it but the smile on her face said something totally different:) They love each other like crazy and that makes me the happiest girl in the world when I see that between them!

Daddy's girl:)

Homerun hitter!

This month was also the beginning of spring training for baseball season and I LOVE it! So much fun just being out in the beautiful changing weather and enjoying America's favorite past time with my favorite people:) We were throwing and hitting and, as a joke, Justin said, "OK, Mom's turn to hit." Silly boy. I pretty much knocked them all out of the park:) We could hear some kids playing in the field next to us and one guy said, "Did you see her hit??" And the other said, "I know dude, and that's that kid's mom!!" Good times, good times:) Although, since then I have gotten hit like 10x from Christian hitting it right back at me while I'm pitching..probably due to all my gloating, it was fun while it lasted though:)

My pretty roses from my thoughtful hubby:)


Leaving Pricci after a delicious meal!

Then there was, of course, Valentine's Day:) Justin made reservations for us at the italian restaurant, Pricci, in Atlanta. He's been trying to get us a table there on Vday for about the past 3 years now but we've been a little tardy in our planning:) He did good this year though and it was well worth the wait! Later he surprised me with my favorite bread pudding from Gabe's...OMGoodness!..and a dozen roses:) I heart him.

Candid shot of us Supper Clubbers..

Silly boys:)

Hmm, someone looks a little over the age limit for this sleepover...

The biggest kid of them all:)

Other than that, February was a month of sleepovers and getting back to Supper Club, thanks to Jess' efforts:) So HAPPY to have Brandon and Katie joining us this year!! We met B and Kt last summer at the pool during my stint as a lifegurard..haha jk, it just seemed that way because I literally lived there, no really, I LOVED it:) We are crazy about them and are so so happy God brought them into our lives. Brandon gives J a run for his money on the golf course and they have the same weird, random and, at times, disturbing, sense of humor:) Katie's genuine demeanor is so refreshing and I just love being around her...we all 4 can recognize and appreciate good quality television when we see it too:) It was also good to finally meet Lance and Brianna for the first time..looking forward to getting to know you guys this year!

Well, until next time. Hope your week is great!
Talk soon. <>< april


  1. Wow April! I really enjoy reading your blog. It's so real and refreshing. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!!

  2. Aww..thanks Ginny! Your encouragement means a lot:) Have a great week!!

  3. I just found your blog...too cute! We miss you guys! I hope you are doing well! ; )

  4. thanks ash:) miss y'all too and think of you all the time!!