Tuesday, March 15, 2011

we LOVE weekends:)

Hey there!! Hope everyone is having a great week so far. I think this cold, wet weather is giving me writer's block after having such a beautiful, warm day yesterday..ugh. Anyway, still wanted to take a minute to share the festivities of our hustle bustle weekend:)

Anna taking the plunge!

Sunny taking a break to work it for the camera..of course:)

Anna round 2!

The girls just jumped together..they call this the "double date"

Before the weekend got started the kids, along with some friends from the neighborhood, spent the afternoon "stair jumping," one of their absolute favorite things to stress me out with:) I do hold my breath every time one of them jumps but, knock on wood, blood or broken bones haven't shown up to ruin the party in a year and a half so, as of now, it's still a weekly neighborhood favorite:)

Seeing who can make it to the top first!

I heart these sunshiny days!

The slide..Sunny's 2nd playground fave to the swings:)

They said this one was for Dad because he loves football:)

Taking the "adventure" from the baseball fields to the playground..it was MUCH further than any of us thought!

Our new friend Bella with Sunny and Kyla

Saturday, Justin hung out with Christian at baseball practice while I took Sunny and her friend Kyla over to the park at the fields. They met a new friend, Bella, while we were there and wanted me to "do a photoshoot" of their playtime. So, here's the finished product of their shoot..enjoy:)

The Big 3-1!!

Love me some Nella:)

Saturday night, was one of my best friend, Janel's, birthday party. Jessica and Kyle brought Thad over to spend the night with Christian along with Sunny and her friend Kyla. Sleepovers happened a lot more often in years past with Jess and Kyle but it's been a while so we thought we could relive old times after we threw down in the ATL with Janel. The sleepover was kind of a bust between Jess not feeling well, the time change and our trek there and back from the partay. Thank goodness for Kyle, aka the pied piper, for toughing it out til 2:30am with the kiddos:)

Me and J

Breakin' it down with Jess to "Smack That," it's really a classic

One of the many performances from the birthday girl:)

Nella's party, however, was a great success..as usual. It was at this neat karoke place on Buford Highway..yes please to more karaoke parties!! Hint hint. My birthday is May 13 incase anyone forgot;) Janel and I have always been able to pick up right where we left off in the 6 years we've been friends, whether we see each other every day or every once in a while. She's one of the most caring, honest, intelligent, witty, loyal and humorous people I know and I truly value her friendship so so much! Love you Nella.

Jess and me

Also got to see some other faces I love..Jess being at the top of the list:) I met Jess through Janel and just adore her more and more everytime we get to hang out! I feel like I can talk to her about anything and we always have something to talk about whether it's sushi, work, fam, boys..or lingerie;) And just FYI there's an inside joke/story to this last topic..so my apologies if it's a little TMI for some:)

Well, I guess that about wraps up the weekend. Talk soon. Have a great night! <>< april


  1. Hey Ape! I love reading our blog and seeing your cute pics and stuff! Love you! Em

  2. Hey Em!! For some reason I thought I replied to this post!? Seems that's not in fact the case. Thank you for all your sweet comments! Love and miss you..hope you're wonderful!!