Friday, May 4, 2012

Live and Learn

Aha!! See, I told you I could do it:) I actually wasn't so sure myself so I'm as surprised as you are!! So, Day 2 into my 10 day til 30 countdown.. First, I wanted to share a picture of my latest little project...
I've been searching high and low for a buffet for our dining room since we moved into our house 2 years ago. At Easter I noticed this pretty little number in Memaw's garage. It had been there for years but I never paid much attention other than using it as a prop to take my shoes off or to lay things on as I was cleaning out our car. I asked Memaw about it and she said it was, her Mom's, my Great Grandmother's, dresser. How neat! I asked if she would mind if I used it at my house and if so, could I refinish and paint it. Being the giver Memaw is, she said of course. Well, after 6 very thought through glass knobs, a few piles of sandpaper, a pint of primer, 2 weeks and coats of paint and varnish later, this is our finished product..
I was so proud of her, I call her Bessie because that was my Great Grandmother's name..I just had to share! Memaw said Grandma would have LOVED it:) As for today, while on the subject of LOVE, I just got back from a field trip with Sunny:) She has been counting down the days to this thing and was so happy I could come along. At school lately there has been some girl drama:( Sunny has several of her closest girlfriends in her class and other relationships that are blossoming into something very sweet, but it's sometimes difficult to not leave someone out and make everyone happy..a lesson I still have to re-learn almost daily. But, I remember those happened a little later in Middle School for me but these kids do everything faster and unfortunately this is no exception! A few weekends ago was Sunny's birthday party. We had a girls phootshoot on Friday afternoon before the party Saturday...
On a sidenote, a great big THANK YOU and we LOVE you to Aunt Jessica for sharing her skills and being our fun photographer..with her trusty little assistant Lyla, of course:)
I just love seeing my kids carefree and with their friends just being "kids:)" Simple I know but I see how fast time flies more and more everyday and that these are truly the moments that last through the test of time. So it was a good day:)
Well, like us adults, the girls got back to the day to day hustle and bustle and responsibilities of school and sports etc and just let things get put on the back burner and just go through the motions. As soon as back to school it was back to bringing daily drama to mama every afternoon:( With cliques and gossip and just plain being ugly to each other. It makes me so sad because I truly remember it being that way, in the blink of an eye you go from that innocent little girl with not a care in the world to that same little girl taking on the world's problems.
So I guess in a kind of a cracked up nutshell my 'thought' for today somewhat goes back to the "choo choo train" bible verse. I remember in Sunday School we would do this verse a lot and we would always draw a train to go along with it to help us with the memorization.. Proverbs 22:6 "Train up your children in the way they should go..when they are older they will not turn away from it." I can't protect Sunny and Christian from every bump in the road. They're gonna, unfortunately have to get some scrapes and bruises of their own. But I can prepare them for it and hopefully some of it, just a little bit of it, will stick and help out when they need it. A little like Grandma's dresser. After all these years, Memaw kept it. It was old and probably forgotten about to most everyone else. But it still had purpose and meaning and when the time was right, it was perfect.
I hope that will be the same for Christian and Sunny. Many times I feel like I'm talking to myself when I share my words of wisdom..I use the term 'wisdom' loosely when referring to my own words, but it's all I got so I work with it;) But hopefully when the time is right, they'll recall their meaning and give them purpose. One of my favorite songs ever is Gungor, Beautiful Things. It says that, "He makes beautiful things out of dust, He makes beautiful things out of us." God never forgets us or throws us away as dusty and broken down as we all get at times.
So I just have to remind myself of these things and remember if I am focused on Him and His way, my path will be made straight..for my feet and especially for the pitter patter of the 2 sets behind me:)

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  1. I'm so glad that you're blogging again! I like this little window into your life. :) Girl drama is the worst, and it's strange how I remember those days so vividly. I guess it's something that most girls go through, but I know it hurts your heart when it involves your own kids. They're lucky to have you as a mom! And the countdown to 30 continues! :)