Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tales since September plus 10 'til 30 =)

Hello there! Well it's been 8 months since we last talked..that last post was pretty heavy so my welcome may have gotten worn out;) So hopefully the ole saying 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' rings true here and you're as happy to have me back in business as I am happy to be here!! No excuses BUT just incase this is the one time in my life an excuse can count, my computer died on me in October and I JUST last week took it to the Apple store and got 'em to work their magic and voila she's back up and running:) So let's see, where in the world to start since September (!!) Let's start on a high note..J passed his chili cooking champ trophy, or apron, over to Christian(!!)
The 2nd year in a row winning went to our heads and we were a little fuzzy and indecisive so at Halloween we were pirates. Nope scratch that..a gangsta and a flapper..
Soon after and somewhat back to normal Christian turned 10 and was treated to a surprise guys golf trip with a sprinkling of everything from a land of Legos to a seminole stadium..
Then it was almost Turkey time so off to see another celebrated animal..the Mouse, Mickey Mouse that is..
And we even squeezed in little visit to our beloved Noles on the way to our beloved family's houses for lots of Thanksgiving meals..
Justin celebrated his 10 year anniversary of his 21st bday..
We had school play and field trip numero uno..
And then a partridge in a pear tree..or Christmas:)
Whoo! Hello 20-12:) Rung it in with cousins and beach balls in PCB..
Then it was to the Fabulous Fox Theatre round 1 for a little So You Think You Can Dance filming fun..
In the Fall we all discovered our mutual love for monopoly, hiking and no particular order:)..
Then it was time for Cupid's yearly visit..
And time to say goodbye to an old friend after many years..
Christian lifted our spirits by being Mr. Citizen of the Month at school..
So we repaid the favor and kept the happiness going during a haul down to Orlando for some Spring Break fun at Legoland, propped our pinky up and got a little fancy for Pink Martini with Mimi and kept the fancy and happy for celebration of our Risen Savior for Easter..
Then somehow someway our baby girl turned 9(!?)..
And somehow someway I found my way back to the Fabulous Fox for the second time this year with some of my faves to attend the Dove Awards..
Found out my husband bears an eerie resemblance to the President..I've always wanted to be the First Lady even though this isn't exactly what I had in mind..
Speaking of eerie, went to the Renaissance Festival for the day then tried to balance it out with some current day normalcy with a trip to the golf course:)
And that brings us to today..May 3 this very moment. About 15 hours since a hug and kiss good night, 12 hours since a mama meltdown, 6 hours since a too early alarm but to faces that make it worth it, 4 hours since a much needed run and prayer time with my Jesus, and 2 hours since an invite to lunch from my husband..another moment much needed:) Today marks exactly 10 days til I turn 30. Cliche as it is, I'm sayin' it anyway..time flies. It really does. And there are those moments that I have to just stop and take note. This life is so good. It is beyond my expectation in so many ways. It may not be where I planned to be at 29 years and 355 days, it may not be perfect and without a lot of mistakes, some regrets and a few scars to show from it all but through all my stumbling God has never wavered in giving me a safe place to fall whether I realized it at the time or saw it much later with that 20/20 thats somehow always fashionably late:) So I'm looking forward to embarking on Chapter "30" of my life:) Hoping and praying these lifelong lessons I've learned in the 20's and before will stay with me everyday! I've set a 10 til 30 goal to share a treasured pre-30 truth everyday..I can hear your doubt coming out in laughter..stop it right now;) Day 1 continue to remind myself to look up instead of in the mirror for my happiness, peace and contentment. What's in front of me changes, who's above me does not:) Until tomorrow..yes tomorrow:) I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

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