Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pep talks, Prayers and Patience

Sooo...it's Tuesday. I started a little post on my phone last night before I went to bed because Sunday I had decided if God thought a day of rest was a good idea then so do I:) But..in the middle of last nights post attempt it was revealed there was still more "rest" and less "post" in me..I fell asleep mid post..so yes it's Tuesday. Well, we survived Sunday's festivities and boy was it ever festive.. 1 ziplining tree top adventure course, 2 birthday parties + 2 hours of promised post pool time, 3 total hours of driving, 4 loads of laundry and a high 5 for having dinner on the table at a somewhat decent time;)
Then, yesterday's time was spent with morning dr appt in ATL, golf practice, grocery shopping, soccer game, homework and a visit paid to La Fiesta since dinner would not have been on the table at a decent time without their help! We didn't win and I didn't take any pictures (the following pics are thanks to Uncle Joey and Aunt Angel from an earlier game this season) so I know that makes the soccer stop sound like a total bummer HOWEVER I can truly say that was one of my top 10 proud mama moments in all my days!! Let me tell you why:)..
Sunny and Christian have been on the same soccer team this season. It's been so much fun watching their brother sister camaraderie during practices and games. This is Sunny's first year and she is my competitive little one and runs up and down that field like she owns it. Christian has played a couple years of Upward soccer and one year of city a few years ago so this was relatively rookie territory for both of them. Christian has found his place in the goal throughout the season and has grown to absolutely LOVE and take pride in that being his position. He's my less intense, more laid back child for the most part so at times I've wanted to get up off my sweet little quilt and show my not so sweet side and tell him to jump in front of that ball before it hits that net!! But, don't worry, I didn't.
So anyway, if they've won a game this season, it has only been one. They have a relatively young team and most of the players have never played together so it's been a little trying. I started to become a little lax with my pregame prayers and positive pep talks thinking they were probably losing steam too so lets just get this last game out of the way and maybe 'get 'em next year!'
So yesterday they got out for their game and I went to park the car..Christian said he was going to ask his coach if he could pay him $10 to let him play the entire game as goalie and Sunny just talked about how excited she was that this was a playoff game. Hmmm maybe my impatience had given up on prayers and pep talks but my little players were still hoping to pull through.
I got settled on my quilt and looked for my pregame thumbs up from my favorite first and fourth period goalie and my 'Sunny smile' shining at me from mid field. Here we go... Within the first 10 minutes atleast 5 times that soccer ball tried its best to touch the back of that net but #19 was not going to let that happen. I have never in all my days seen Christian so determined and fearless. I literally started crying. Yep right then and there..I was a mess:) I looked for Sunny and it was a little hard to find her simply because she was like a little purple flash darting up and down the field like a magnet to that little black and white ball!
It was such a sweet moment. I learned something really cool. That morning I had a dr appt and wasn't feeling too great from it and looking even worse. I had literally been praying for rain all afternoon so I wouldn't have to go to the game because I just didn't feel like it. I never prayed to feel better or prayed for their game. I had simply let my focus get on me and only me and allowed my impatience take the lead. It was such testament to the fact that it's not my timing but His and just when I take my eyes off Him and look at the negative instead of looking for the positive I remember why I am just a person and He is all powerful:)
Had it rained, or had I just not gone to their game I would have missed all their relentless efforts to do their best whether they are in first or last place. It was such a neat moment that I realized I can't give up, just when I think it's time to give up on someone or something, God always knows something I don't. It reminds me of a verse I read last year while I was sick, Job 12:12 '...and with length of days comes understanding' Sometimes that's just what it takes, time. We may be winning, losing, healthy, ill, happy, or sad in certain seasons and day to day life can at times seem redundant but God is always working in and around us, it's just up to us to remain patient and keep our head up with pep talks or put our head down for a little prayer:)

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  1. Loved this post and hearing your voice through it all. You are a great momma and a wonderful example for C and S. I hope you start feeling better soon. I'll be keeping an eye on you and close in my prayers. Love you, old friend!