Friday, September 16, 2011

Fashionably Late but Worth the Wait:)

Jess doin' a fam photo shoot for us a few months ago...we decided we wanted to steal a kodak moment too:)

So one of my best friends, Jessica, has been pregnant for a little over the past 9 months:) From the time she told J, the kids and I standing in the foyer late one night as they were about to leave our house from dinner to when we shockingly found out it was a girl during the ultrasound about 6 months ago to this past Friday on her due date when they eased her anxiety and set a date to induce this long coming labor on Monday morning September 12th at 7:30AM, I have been sooo looking forward to Lyla Rose joining us!!

My bday dinner surprise in ATL last year!

Jessica and I met when J and I started teaching in the youth in January of '07. Kyle and Justin hit it off immediately due to their similar personalities but mine and Jessica's friendship was a later bloomer;) Jessica wipes the smile off her face and lets you know when something is bothering her, I plaster a smile on my face and let it bother me as long as I don't have to confront you. Jessica loves to get out on the court, field etc and show the boys up in sports, I'll show up and cheer for the boys as far away from the court, field etc as I can possibly get. Jessica does not know names of celebrities, I know birthdates of celebrities. Jessica loves watching surgeries and anything to do with blood and cutting, I pass out. Jessica loves to cook, I love to eat. Etc etc etc... So obviously Jessica and I are a testament to the opposites attract rule:)

Angel's Wedding in the popular photo booth:)

But, after many life lessons from births to deaths, lots of laughs to a couple cries, arguments and embraces, engagements and weddings and anniversaries, taking trips and teaching together, raising my children to her rockin' childbirth all bundled into nearly a half decade of best friendship, I know that God brought her in my life as a blessing and beautiful gift. Over the years we have even realized we have some similarities. We both LOVE the beach, sushi, our husbands and Jesus. We both hate too much red sauce on anything, liars, having skin breakouts and seeing each other hurt.

Jessica about to get proposed to!!

About 3 years ago some of our other close girlfriends had made up nicknames for each other. For the most part they were all very unflattering. For example, Christin has some junk in the trunk similar to myself so we named her Big Booty Bertha, Bertha for short. Kristen was going to Young Harris and she has LOTS of hair so we call her Harry. Julia got named Tutti because we misinterpreted something she said and it just stuck and yours truly got named Granny. I always say they gave me that nickname because I'm the elder of the group (I'm 6 years older than Jess) but they swear it's because on trips I always tell bedtime stories and I talk about my love for my Memaw all the time. It's because I'm old..they can tell me..Jessica has made me tougher;)

"THE" Gatlinburg trip:)

But my point to that lengthy explanation is that Jess found out about our nicknames and told us to come up with one for her. Like I said, they are very unflattering, sooo, Jessica got Luci...short for Lucifer..due to her "mean" streak:) But over the years I have learned a thing or 2 from Luci and I think Luci has learned a thing or 2 from Granny:) And we definitely have God to thank for that. There were times that I prayed to have patience with her for days on end and she's probably prayed for days over my craziness too. And I just stand in awe and amazement on how God works and cares through every area of each of our lives from personal to professional and from our families to our friendships with one another.

...gonna get married...:)

This past Monday when I got to the hospital after she and Kyle and the fam had gotten checked in, they began to induce Jessica's labor. And in true form like a teacher in front of a classroom she was standing and steady giving us all instructions with her bag of pitocin in her IV'ed up arm and her half open hospital gown! I just had to laugh a little during my unceasing prayers for she and Lyla through the next few hours. It was a grueling 12 hours but, also in true form, Jessica rocked that labor and delivery and I was so honored and overwhelmed with happiness, joy and thankfulness to be included in this most special day:)

Beach Trip love love these days:)

God led me to an awesome verse the other day that reigns so true in virtually every season of our lives. I made it my FB post and I think it's fitting for this post as well so I'll copy and paste from there and leave with that:)...

'you don't realize now what I am doing, but later you will understand'-John13:7 What an awesome verse! Whether it be the pain of child birth, a relationship gone rocky or heavy weighing health issues, we can rest that with trials then comes tremendous strength and thankfulness on the other side! Prayer and patience over anything makes us appreciate it's priceless value so much more:)

love her:)

Welcome to the world sweet Lyla Rose. Aunt April, Uncle Justin and Christian and Sunny are ecstatic that you're finally here:) You have a beautiful and bold mother who knows the Bible and will be a wonderful woman in raising you and being there for you and teaching you and guiding you on how to seek Jesus in everything that you do and to "be in this world but not of this world." Let that little light always shine Lyla. You have some great teachers in your earthly parents and the greatest teacher of them all in our Heavenly Father and Creator. I love you all.

the happy family:)

<>< april

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